Located in the heart of the community, The Kingsway Academy opened in September 2014 with a vision of becoming the school of choice for families and carers in the Wirral.

The Academy provides a fully comprehensive education to students from Year 7 through to Year 13 from across the Wallasey area.

The Academy is a part of Northern Schools Trust, a charitable organisation that works to transform the lives of children and young people through education. The Trust works in collaboration with a number of schools in the North West of England to provide a unique approach to education with equal commitment to vocational and academic success, supported by a outstanding pastoral programme.

Together with Northern Schools Trust, the Academy has set high expectations and levels of accountability for staff leading to high levels of achievement and positive outcomes for all pupils. The Kingsway Academy is proud to be a fully inclusive, safe community where all pupils are encouraged to do their very best at all times.