Principal’s Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to The Kingsway Academy, a caring, supportive school, which strives to be at the heart of our local community. Having recently joined the Academy as Principal, I am looking forward to ensuring that we secure a fresh and exciting pathway to learning for our students.

Kingsway benefits from a committed group of teachers who are determined to constantly improve the learning experience for our students. As such we have recently introduced new, more rigorous processes to ensure that every child gets the very best support, enabling them to achieve their potential at the highest possible level.

This is manifesting itself in better lessons, more targeted homework and extra booster sessions before exams – all aimed at raising academic standards and student aspirations.

We are proud to be part of the Northern Schools Trust. This gives us access to expertise and specialist tutors and courses which would not previously have been possible. In the Sixth Form particularly, this is proving to be an enormous advantage, enabling our students to follow their dreams beyond Kingsway’s and the Wirral’s traditional boundaries.

As you can see things are changing for the better. We look forward to welcoming you and to sharing our journey with you.

Shelagh Potter
Principal, The Kingsway Academy


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