All our new students are invited to join a number of taster sessions and get-to-know you events at school, so by the time they join us at the start of the new academic year, Kingsway should feel very familiar. Year 7 students mostly learn and mix in their own special block within the school. This helps them to feel more secure and settle in more easily.

Initially Year 7 students are taught in form groups. Assessments take place during the first term and students are then placed into sets, according to ability. Setted subjects are: English, Maths, Science, Design & Technology,
French/Spanish, History and Geography.

There is a particular focus on helping new students to make friends and gain the necessary social skills and self-confidence to settle in quickly so that they can swiftly make progress.

Check out our Moving up to Year 7 booklets:

Moving up to Year 7

Moving up to Year 7 – Parents’ Information