In close co-operation with our local Primary Schools, we work very hard at ensuring that every child can make a smooth transition to Secondary School life at The Kingsway Academy.

Contact starts as early as Year 4, and continues through Year 6 with regular visits by our teaching staff, plus at least two complete days spent at The Kingsway Academy. We have a specialist transition team that work with our Primary Schools to host a range of fun and informative activities to give children a flavour of life at The Kingsway Academy, as well as offer a range of facilities not often found within a primary school setting.

Our aim is that, when the children join us at the start of Year 7, they will already feel ‘part of the family,’ make friends quickly and enjoy the opportunities we have to offer from day one.

In addition to the Primary Schools in our immediate locality, we have a close relationship with all four of the schools in the Northern Schools Trust and an increasing number of other schools within the region.