Step into the NHS

Our year 9 students took part in “Step into the NHS” inter trust competition. students were asked to explore different jobs that are available within the NHS and gain a better understanding of the role requirements; including job responsibilities and qualification entry requirements. Following this they were asked to pick 1 job and create a job advert; which could be in any form – as creative as possible!!

The students had lots of amazing ideas, and we set about putting this into place. Lab coats turned into job adverts with one group using a manikin to dress up with a hospital gown displaying key words relating to the role. Another group used their acting skills to film an advert and 2 students created a “papier mache” model.

We even had a whole host of food items, including cookies  and cupcakes with the job title made in fondant icing, and 2 cakes decorated with items relating to the job role, made in icing.

5 groups got picked to go into the trust final. We had Millie and Molly with their manikin, Tia and her amazing, detailed lab coat, Carl and Aimee with their ambulance . road model, Xavier with his lab coat and chef cake, and finally Lauren and Pippa with their cube QRD card advert. Students had to present their ideas to a panel of judges. Out of the 10 finalists, we were thrilled that Tia Cran (year 9) won overall. Her pitch was confident, professional and informative, she was most definitely a worthy winning.

Well done to all those who took part, your hard work, creatively and passion really shone through.