Students warmly received and appreciated not one, but two assemblies this week on keeping themselves, their friends and family and the wider community safe by making positive choices and ‘doing the right thing’ over the half term holidays.

The first assembly was delivered by Vice Principal, Mrs Dickenson who provided personal family anecdotes in relation to the effects of Mischief night, Halloween and Bonfire Night on fire officers and their families. Students were engaged with accounts of real-life events and consequences for victims and perpetrators plus, the wider effects on the those involved in the numerous services who become in the aftermath of pranks that have gone tragically wrong. This assembly and discussions afterwards made students question their actions in the run-up to half term and events over the coming weeks.

The second assembly organised by Merseyside Police delivered a vibrant, interactive and engaging assembly on the perils of scrambler bikes that are used inappropriately. Students were given facts to reflect upon to avoid becoming involved in anything that may harm others and lead to criminal activity.