The aim of the academy uniform is to encourage pupils to take a pride in themselves and their academy. Every day should be treated as an interview. Our uniform is designed to encourage a professional code of dress and must be worn in its entirety every day.

Any pupil who is incorrectly dressed will be sent home to change.

  • Blazer: Blue single breasted with the Academy badge
  • Skirt/ Pinafore: Plain black, pleated or straight, knee length
  • Trousers: Black
  • Blouse/ Shirt: Plain white, traditional collar, to be worn tucked inside skirt/ trousers
  • Tie: Academy tie
  • Socks/ Tights: Plain black or grey
  • Footwear: Plain black shoes, low heeled, sensible footwear – no trainers
  • Outdoor Coat: A sensible coat of a dark colour. Coats must not be worn inside the building
  • Hair: One small dark hair tie – no other accessories
  • Academy Bag: A strong, waterproof bag for carrying books and other equipment, eg. A sports style rucksack
  • Jewellery: One plain gold/ silver ear stud only per ear. No other visible body piercings. No rings or bracelets.
  • No makeup or nail varnish is to be worn at any time.

PE Kit

  • Navy and white cotton/ poly Polo Shirt
  • Navy Shorts
  • Navy Socks
  • Appropriate trainers/ football boots as required

For colder weather only

  • Long Navy Tracksuit Bottoms (optional)
  • Navy Tracksuit Top (optional)


Hairstyles should not be extreme. Inappropriate hairstyles include shaved heads, bright or non-natural hair colours. If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of an expensive hairstyle, please discuss it with the Director of Inclusion first.

Uniform Suppliers

Wirral Uniform Store, Birkenhead or any other High Street Store.

Wirral Uniform Store will be available at The Kingsway Academy during our Induction Evenings. You will be able to choose and collect your free Uniform items then.

General Equipment

Students should also provide themselves with a pencil case containing pens, pencils, ruler and a rubber.

Protective clothing will be provided by the academy for Technology and Science lessons.

Lost Property

It is essential that all articles must be marked clearly with the student’s name.

Every year, many items are lost or left behind. This will ensure we can return them to the rightful owner.

Items of lost property are displayed on a rail for the last week in every term in the Student Support Department, Room G13. This is the last chance pupils get to search for lost items. Any items left over are taken to charity shops.