Cyber Discovery is a HM Government’s Cyber Schools Learning Programme.  Young people are the next generation that will be cracking codes, creating new software tools and finding security flaws that will help protect our digital lives.  The programme’s overall goal is to encourage young people to enter the cyber security profession.  The four stages of the programme are designed to evaluate student’s current cyber skills, through a series of activities that encourage problem solving and logically thinking.  Top performing students nationwide are invited to progress through each of the stages.

Five of our students engaged in the first phase of the programme “CyberStart Assess” and I am pleased to announce four have been invited to participate in the second stage, “CyberStart Game” as they were amongst the top performing students in the country.

The students have until Friday 27 April 2018 to complete the second stage “CyberStart Game” in the hope that they are amongst the top performing students once again to progress to the next stage.

Could our students have a hidden talent for cyber security and be amongst the Elite?  Good luck to all involved.