At The Kingsway Academy, we are focused on getting the basics right. We are improving opportunities for students to make more progress, more quickly through a focus on quality lessons, more homework, improved opportunities to consolidate learning, better revision opportunities, more targeted intervention strategies and better communication with parents and carers. There is a rigorous, strategic plan to improve results for students, ensuring they can access the qualifications they need for the future successes they deserve.

Key Learning Principles

  • There should be high expectations for all learners.
  • Every student has the ability to achieve and the right to a high quality and inspirational education.
  • Teaching and learning strategies allow every student to access the curriculum, regardless of ability, prior attainment or learning style.
  • Students need to be nurtured to develop growth mind-sets; where students believe that their intelligence can grow and that effort leads to success. This means providing opportunities for students to: embrace challenge, learn from feedback and act upon the advice that is given.
  • There is a genuine commitment to the continuous improvement and development of teaching and learning.
  • Opportunities for staff to develop and improve teaching and learning underpin all CPD opportunities.
  • Learning should be active and engaging whilst allowing for reflection.
  • Assessment for learning is fundamental in our approach to teaching and learning.

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Environment aims to engage with students to promote positive attitudes towards learning and encourage inclusion within the Academy community, with a focus on those who are vulnerable or at risk. We provide a base for students who have disengaged from education or have experienced emotional, social, behavioural or medical challenges resulting in significant time out of class or education entirely. Our focus is on reintegration and students returning to following their standard Academy timetable, however we also support students who are waiting for placements at other schools or alternative provision. The emphasis of Learning Support is on nurture and support with a flexible, and innovative approach towards learning.

We offer a positive and welcoming environment in which high expectations and standards are clearly defined and constantly reinforced to promote positive outcomes for each student. We set manageable and achievable targets with each individual that are met through the delivery of short, medium and long term bespoke programmes. We liaise with all of those who have involvement with each student including: Parents/Carers, Pastoral Leaders, Teachers and External Agencies as appropriate, and we place high importance on listening to Student Voice.

The individual needs of each student are central to our work and we aim to ensure their success with reintegration or success within their next setting. We also offer a quiet space during the school day for students who are finding it difficult to cope but may not require long term intervention. We welcome all of the students who transfer to the Academy during the academic year to assist with their settling in to Academy life.