At The Kingsway Academy we have a brilliant team, all of whom are really looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students in September.

Get to know your child’s new form teachers below:

Miss Faulkner

My name is Natalie Faulkner and I am a PE Teacher at The Kingsway Academy. I am responsible for Primary Transition. I have been teaching PE for nine years and am in my forth year working here. My favourite sport is Tennis having played this from an early age. I love my job and can’t think of anything I would rather be doing then being active all day and teaching a subject which I love in both a practical and theoretical capacity.

I like to see children progress with their Physical Education capabilities and understanding but the most rewarding part for me is seeing students enjoy their PE experience and work co-operatively with others. PE is a subject that can develop so many traits of confidence, resilience, respect, teamwork, communication to name a few and we must not forget that a healthy body means a healthy mind.

Mrs Rooney

My name is Mrs Rooney and I am Curriculum Leader for Creative Arts and Sports. I teach Music at The Kingsway Academy which I love. I have been a teacher here for 16 years now, so if there is anything your child needs to know I am sure I can help them.

Mr Bland

My name is Oliver Bland. I have been a teacher for 3 years and it is my second year here at The Kingsway Academy. I am a Physical Education teacher and teach both practical and theoretical Physical Education.

My favourite sport is football and my favourite team is Bradford City who I go and watch regularly. I also play football as another of my hobbies.